Sexy Poker

Published by Gameloft, Developed by Gameloft

Genres: Simulation

US release date: Aug 3rd, 2009 | EU release date: Sep 25th, 2009

Price: 500 points

Sexy Poker

Get your pulse racing with a game of strip poker against a selection of six lovely manga-style women who may wind up in nothing but swimsuits or underwear when the final hand is dealt.

Choose the classic Texas Hold'em Poker to be thrilled as the bets increase, or try the Black Jack game for a mix of chance and strategy. Discover the girls' personalities: they'll bluff you! Enter the photo gallery to see the pictures you've unlocked by playing and winning. If you're good enough, Emi, Sakura and their seductive girlfriends will bet their clothes to stay in the game.

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User comments


Mischief Shadow said:

Is this Nintendo Certified?


Penguin said:

It's strip poker but they only go down to their underwear, thus no nudity. But if you like texas hold 'em and blackjack it's fine. PS they will try to bluff you.


insultwoman911 said:

I find this very sexist.


Random sexist male said:

"I find this very sexist". I find this post to be very stupid, unless it's a joke. Anyway, I hope to see more content like this in the future.


Monkeylemur said:

That's dumb. No nudity?


Gamer said:

Hey insultwoman, you don't like it, don't buy it. That simple.


Luwiigi said:

Just because you didn't play strip poker in the 1800s doesn't mean that it's socially unacceptable now. Get over it.

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YoshiKoopa said:

yo who plays this bruh

1 year ago

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