Arkanoid Plus

Published by Square Enix, Developed by Taito

Genres: Arcade

US release date: - | EU release date: Aug 21st, 2009

Price: 800 points

Arkanoid Plus

Arkanoid Plus! is an updated version of the original arcade blockbuster. Players must destroy coloured blocks by guiding an Energy Ball around the screen using a spaceship called the VAUS.

The game features a host of new modes and settings which radically alter the gameplay experience: "Arcade Mode" consists of 61 Rounds divided into left and right versions with two types of boss characters appearing in the last Round; "VS Mode" lets players face off against a friend or the CPU; and the unfailingly frantic "Time Mode" challenges players to clear Rounds within a strict time limit. Factor in the subtle differences arising from the choice of "Lives" or "Barrier" rules, along with a plethora of exciting items, and it's clear you're in for hours of blockbusting fun!

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