Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Lady Liberty Larceny

Published by The Learning Company, Developed by Gamelion

Genres: Edutainment

US release date: Dec 15th, 2011 | EU release date: -

Price: 600 points

Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Lady Liberty Larceny

Bad news, Detective! Someone's taken a bite out of the Big Apple!

The Statue of Liberty has vanished and we're pretty sure she didn't just go for a stroll. Only one criminal organization could pull off such an audacious crime-the Villain's International League of Evil!

The Chief wants ACME's best agent on this case, and that means you, detective. So grab your gear-you're headed to New York City!

Carmen Sandiego is back and only you can foil her V.I.L.E plans. Travel the globe, solve brain-twisting math puzzles, and catch the villain behind the Lady Liberty Larceny.

Crack the case of the Lady Liberty Larceny in single-player Story Mode. Perfect your math skills in single-player Practice Mode. Challenge your friends and family to solve math puzzles against the clock in Multiplayer Mode.

In Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math, you practice your math skills and use them to fight crime. Ideal for grades 4-5, math topics include geometry, logic puzzles, fractions, and much more!


  • Travel the world, solve math puzzles and fight crime!
  • Challenge friends to math duels against the clock
  • Aligned to grade 4 and 5 Math Common Core Standards
  • Math topics include geometry, fractions, and many more!
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