Gods vs Humans

Published by Zallag, Developed by Zallag

Genres: Strategy

US release date: Nov 8th, 2010 | EU release date: Oct 1st, 2010

Price: 1200 points

Gods vs Humans

You embody major Gods from the most fabulous mythologies: Scandinavian, Egyptian, Roman and Japanese.

As a god, you have enough power to rule the humans. All but cheeky ones! Some of them want to enter your domain. They have decided to build a tower to confront you.

Use your divine powers to bring them down and show who the boss is. Be careful not to hurt them though, you need people to believe in you!

  • 60 levels for the solo campaign
  • 16 playable gods, each with specific powers
  • 4 different mythologies to discover
  • 4 hysterical bosses to defeat
  • 16 additional challenges for the experienced players
  • 2-player special mode in split screen
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