Jam City Rollergirls

Published by Frozen Codebase, Developed by Frozen Codebase

Genres: Sports

US release date: Jan 24th, 2011 | EU release date: Nov 17th, 2011

Price: 1000 points

Jam City Rollergirls

Blast off into the wild world of roller derby.

Lace up your skates and join up with real-life roller derby teams the Texecutioners, Dairyland Dolls, Brewcity Bruisers, Rat City Rollergirls and Gotham Girls Roller Derby as they skate hard and hit harder in a battle for flat-track dominance.

Create your own custom roller derby skater and level up as you progress through the season, or play as one of the readymade stars of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. Choose from five tracks and skate forward, backward, by yourself or with a friend.

Skaters, refs, fans and gamers will be thrilled by the fast, furious game play.

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