Last Flight

Published by Bloober, Developed by Bloober

Genres: Action

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Last Flight

Larry Adelman is a 38-year-old American travelling to Europe to write books about cuisines of the world (he is a culinary critic).

Short, chubby and bald man distinguishes himself by a sharp language and black sense of humour. At the same time, he has an optimistic attitude to life, which makes him able to stay calm and have hope in even the most difficult situation.

On the same plane, sitting next to Larry, is Anna; wearing a mourning, yet sexy dress. She is a 30-year-old beautiful Romanian girl, travelling to her country to bury her father (resting now in the coffin in the cargo hatch). In the opening we can see Larry chatting and joking with Anna, seemingly coming to like each other.

As a result of strong turbulences, Anna's father body falls out of the coffin. It turns out he was not quite dead - he is a vampire. This sudden event makes Jan (that is his name) awake and hungry after being asleep - unnoticed, he starts attacking the passengers of the plane. The plague of vampirism spreads quickly. The only person knowing how to deal with it is Anna, as she turns out to be a specialist in tracking vampires. The situation forces her to make Larry a quick course in this field.

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