My Aquarium

Published by Hudson, Developed by Hudson

Genres: Simulation

US release date: Sep 1st, 2008 | EU release date: Aug 15th, 2008

Price: 500 points

My Aquarium

With swaying aquatic plants and fish idly swimming about, My Aquarium is a relaxing Wii experience that allows you to enjoy a virtual aquarium in your spare time.

Whether freshwater or saltwater, you can select from over 40 popular types of fish, including favorites like the Ocellaris clownfish, the freshwater angelfish and the Asian arowana. You can also create up to six different aquariums and personalize them by adding decorations like seaweed and driftwood. In My Aquarium, you can send aquariums to your registered Wii Friends.

The aquariums can even be set with special dates, such as a friend's birthday, that the fish will commemorate with a dance. Feed your fish and watch them steadily grow from fry to adult. Then, after meeting certain conditions, you can breed them. Another feature will allow you to interact with your fish using your Wii Remote controller in fun ways, like "tapping" the glass of your aquarium.

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User comments


Jonny said:

Hey, look, a clown loach! I actually have a couple of those in my tank.


Master Foot said:

This game reminds me of the days when I used to take care of fish. Those graphics look like 720p and they should be. Also, I'm sure that they will have downloadable fish packs, ornaments and a built in database. Sea anemones and starfish will also be cool. Once it's full featured, then I think that I will get it. Hmmm, something seems fishy about this game. Ok, not funny.


Master Foot said:

I heard that the Hylian Loach is a secret fish.


zenace33 said:

Where did you hear that Master Foot? It wouldn't surprise me, but I'm looking for more details. I know of at least 9 secret hidden fish so far, in addition to the initial unlocked ones and the documented locked ones (with ?'s), and I'm thinking there are more, but not sure of them.


zenace33 said:

Or are you just using the reference to Nintendo games with that (Zelda, Animal Crossing, etc), since "Hylian Loach" is a generic term? This game does in fact have an unlockable Pakistani Loach though, in addition to the initial Clown Loach.

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