Pearl Harbor Trilogy: 1941 Red Sun Rising

Published by Legendo, Developed by Legendo

Genres: Action / Simulation / Shooting

US release date: Jul 5th, 2010 | EU release date: Jul 16th, 2010

Price: 700 points

Pearl Harbor Trilogy: 1941 Red Sun Rising

Pearl Harbor Trilogy is a re-interpretation of Legendo's popular PC title "Attack on Pearl Harbor" - with the first episode, "Red Sun Rising," planned for a winter 2009 release on WiiWare.

The game is being developed by Legendo in cooperation with Arcade Moon, the Wii specialist label of 3D People, an independent game developer located in Slovakia.

In the premiere episode, "Red Sun Rising," players will be dropped into the cockpit of famous USAAF World War II fighter aircraft - including the legendary P-40 Warhawk and the carrier-capable F4U Corsair as they battle with Japanese A6M2 Zero fighters and Aichi D3A Val dive-bombers in daring dogfights during bitterly contested air battles of the Pacific Theater, including Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and the Battle of Midway.

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