Pop-Up Pirate

Published by Tomy, Developed by Tomy

Genres: Party

US release date: Apr 13th, 2009 | EU release date: Feb 13th, 2009

Price: 500 points

Pop-Up Pirate

Everyone can have barrels of fun playing in Pop-Up Party mode, or enjoy a rollicking one-player game in Pop-Up Logic mode. Players must poke through the barrel that holds their Captain captive, being careful not to harm the man himself! Unique Wii features add to the excitement, making for a fun-packed party game. Try swapping out the Captain and putting a Mii in the barrel for some real laughs!

Playing Pop-Up Logic: You must select a hole within the time limit and thrust in your sword. If the hole is safe, the Captain will show you how many of the holes within that area are to be avoided. Use these hints to guide your sword thrusts, staying away from the dangerous holes. For every successful sword thrust, extra time will be added to the total time remaining.

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