Published by Nnooo, Developed by Nnooo

Genres: Action

US release date: May 12th, 2008 | EU release date: Jul 4th, 2008

Price: 700 points


Pop is all about popping bubbles! It may sound simple, but there are lots of things you can do to get a high score and have fun. Just keep an eye on the timer because when it runs out, it's game over! Each bubble is worth both points and time so try to fill up your timer first, then focus on scoring high. You can then start to chain the same colour of bubbles together and pop them for big points - a great way to increase your score!

Friends can join you in a game of Pop, too! Whenever you are playing, all they need to do is grab their Wii Remote and then join in the action. Watch out because they may start using power-ups to hold you back! If they do try to pump up some bubbles or detonate a nuke, this will create a shockwave which will destroy any matching colours of bubbles it touches.

Finally there are badges for completing certain objectives, online high-score tables and WiiConnect24 messages so you can keep up with your friends' progress and boast about your own.

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User comments


Wiipaw said:

Oooh, look! A Wiiware game I haven't heard about.


monkeylemur said:

Looks fun, I heard it was a multiplayer.


hbh said:

Do you just pop bubbles?


WiimiixP said:

Is there any way to download channels onto your SD card.


Wiipaw said:

Yes, Wiimiixp, you simply have to go to the channel part of the memory screen of the Wii settings, put your sd card in (assuming you didn't already put it in), click on a channel icon, click copy, then once youre done, if need be, copy the channels memory by going to the, uh, memory. Array.


BA said:

This game is what the Wii was made for. I love this kind of devotion to the hardcore Nintendo fanbase.

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