Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors

Published by Interplay, Developed by Alpine

Genres: RPG

US release date: Jan 19th, 2012 | EU release date: -

Price: 500 points

Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors

Stonekeep. The legendary city was once ruined by a dark god's magick, but saved by your ancestors. Now the legend of Stonekeep requires a new hero: You.

Explore dungeons, watch out for deadly traps, fight monsters with a variety of weapons or control dangerous magicks. The choice is yours.

But all is not lost. There are allies within the halls of Stonekeep. Choose one to help lead you to victory.


  • Wield melee weapons or throw projectile weapons
  • Discover new magicks and cast compound spells
  • Seven different dungeon levels to explore
  • Defeat monsters and loot treasures
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