Stop Stress: A Day of Fury

Published by Abylight, Developed by Abylight

Genres: Action

US release date: Dec 7th, 2009 | EU release date: -

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Stop Stress: A Day of Fury

The most enjoyable antistress GAME for WiiWare has arrived

Everyone has bad days. The ear-splitting ringing of the alarm clock every morning, the huge traffic jam, or the slave driving boss at work. Fortunately now you have Stop Stress. The complete anti-stress therapy for those days when everything seems to go wrong.

Grab your Wii Remote as if it were a baseball BAT

Download the game on WiiWareTM, grab your Wii RemoteTM as if it were a baseball bat and... begin to DESTROY EVERYTHING before the stress gets the better of you! Put yourself in Jack's shoes, the world's most stressed man, and help him fulfil his dream: to escape from the noise and stress of a chaotic city.

You'll come up against lots of enemies who want you to loose your patience and sanity. The killer toaster, the baby gorilla, and crazy cop... a world turned upside down, full of entertainment and cons- tant action to keep you amused.

Play and enjoy the action packed scenes, unex- pected surprises and three difficulty levels: Have you got what it takes to beat them?


Enter into Jack's world and destroy everything you can get your hands on to pass to the next level. Time is ticking, and the stress won't stop accumula- ting unless you stop it before it stops your heart.

There are loads of action, weapons and challen- ges there to put your stress to the test. 100% adrenaline! 100% fun!

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User comments


SuperManlyDude said:

This could be good.


sushi said:

What the hell is this game about, seriously I have no clue.


greenkat said:

Err. I think it's a stress-relieving game of FURY~!? xD.

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