Stunt Cars

Published by Icon, Developed by Icon

Genres: Racing

US release date: Dec 14th, 2009 | EU release date: -

Price: 800 points

Stunt Cars

It's Stunt Cars!

High-speed competitive stunt racing over fast paced track circuits with chicanes, ramps, raised hairpin turns, half-pipes and even jumps over alien UFO's! Can you become the ultimate Stunt Car Racer?


  • 24 wild and challenging stunt tracks
  • 4 different Multiplayer game modes, for up to 4 players (Wii version)
  • Extensive single player gameplay, including Race, Time Trial, Championship and Time Challenge modes
  • Wii Steering Wheel-compatible racing (Wii version)
  • Choose from 6 individually tuned cars which are rated differently for speed, acceleration, braking and handling
  • Earn Achievement awards; 12 to win - including Gold Hero, Track Warrior, Stopwatch Pro, Stunt Champion
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Gamer99 said:

Awesome game, I love how the graphics look.

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