TV Show King 2

Published by Gameloft, Developed by Gameloft

Genres: Party

US release date: Dec 21st, 2009 | EU release date: Jan 29th, 2010

Price: 800 points

TV Show King 2

TV Show King, the WiiWare best seller, is back for a second round. There are 8,000 questions sorted into 12 categories on the program, including general knowledge and sports, movies, music and more... And that's without counting the questions that you can create yourself! Here's everything you need to compete with your friends, or with players all over the world thanks to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!

  • Compete in a game of 4 in a local multiplayer mode, or play online with players from all over the world through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Have fun and learn fascinating facts with image questions: for example, identify a work of art, or determine the correct location of a country on a world map.
  • Question editor: create your own quiz and post it online! Or download new question packs generated by other players for endless challenge!
  • Questions that stimulate your reflexes thanks to original Wii Remote usage. For example, pop balloons in order to see the letters of the answers.
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Gameday said:

Wow part 2 and it's online, nice, that's what I'm talking bout. More online games for Wii and Wiiware, it's a sure download for me.

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