Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts

Published by Incredible, Developed by Incredible

Genres: Sports / Party / Simulation

US release date: Sep 27th, 2010 | EU release date: -

Price: 700 points

Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts

Be Careful! You'll Kill Your Little Brother with Those Things!

Lawn Darts - the Ultra-Dangerous Backyard Game - Now Safe at Home on Wii And Moms Everywhere Breathe a Sigh of Relief...

Lawn darts - heavy metal spikes with fins - have been outlawed for years. They're just too dangerous to allow kids (or anyone for that matter) to play with them in today's safety-conscious world. But as menacing as they were, you've got to admit that it sure was fun to fling one into the air and stick it in the center of the yellow ring (while missing your little brother). Yes, they're banned - but now, thanks to the creative geniuses at Incredible Technologies, they're back - and you can play the game safely on your Wii system in the comfort of your living room.

Not content with simply giving you a single game for your money, Incredible Technologies' Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts comes with four separate compelling and exciting games.

Classic Lawn Darts - the most points wins!
Cricket - the most popular dart game in the world!
501 - the first to count down to zero wins!
Poker Darts - the best poker hand wins!

All the games in TTP: Lawn Darts are adjustable to the skill level and individual preference of the player, and can be customized to enhance the gaming experience. Players can start off with easy versions and then ramp up as they become more accomplished, and they can also choose variations of game play - such as adjusting the target area in classic lawn darts - that are designed to keep things fresh for months to come. Dart players will especially enjoy a new twist on 501 - now they can change the starting total to 301, 701 or 901.

TTP: Lawn Darts is designed to generate competition -16 players can compete at once - and if that's not enough to satisfy a gamer's competitive spirit - online leaderboards are available to prove who's the best in the world.

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