Trenches Generals

Published by Fishing Cactus, Developed by Fishing Cactus

Genres: Strategy

US release date: Sep 1st, 2011 | EU release date: Oct 6th, 2011

Price: 700 points

Trenches Generals

Trenches Generals deploys to the Wii console and is taking no hostages.

Trenches Generals has been designed for the Wii console from the ground up to be an immersive and engaging experience, and provides a twist on the tried and true castle defense genre with its own personal style.

Command Royal British Expeditionary Forces as the defender of the free world. Your troops must take to the field and defend your bunker from being overrun and use the trenches located on the battlefield to hold their ground in between no mans land. Lead rifleman, mortarmen, snipers, machinegunners, and more against the enemies in the east! Choose your perks to customize how you play the single-player campaign or join with a friend for splitscreen cooperative and competitive multiplayer! Your war, your way!

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