Published by Nocturnal, Developed by Nocturnal

Genres: Adventure

US release date: Dec 7th, 2009 | EU release date: -

Flowerworks user review

Surprisingly good, up there with the best of them.

Glenn Colaco wrote this game review.

Review written by
Glenn Colaco

December 7th, 2009

Flowerworks is not what you would expect from a game with 'Flower' in the title.

Take an action puzzle game, add some deep mechanics, a dash of wacky story, mix in a good dose of exploration - and combine this with excellent control, graphics and sound.. and you get Flowerworks.

Flowerworks screenshotYou control Follie, a crazy alien who crash lands on a planet losing her seeds in the process. You have to collect your seeds, and use them to complete levels. By completing levels, you get star power which unlocks gates (ummm.. I mean pacify gnomes!) which let you explore more of the planet.

The core of the game is the flower growing sections. You start each level by planting some flower seeds, and feeding them to make them grow from seeds to fully grown flowers.

It sounds boring - until you work out how the fireworks come into it. By timing and placing the feeding of the flowers, you trigger combos - which launch as fireworks into the sky. The fireworks then in turn help the feeding of the flowers, which makes them bigger.

Flowerworks screenshotIt might sound simple - but it really isn't. The difficulty ramps up quickly, and each level has a 5-star system - where you get rewarded with more stars for a better score (which comes from more fireworks and larger flowers).

The graphics and music are both excellent, and suit the game well. Some of the graphics around the overworld in particular, are some of the best you'll see on any WiiWare title.

The game is very long as well - been playing for around 10hrs, and the game says I am just over 52% complete.

Flowerworks really is surprising.. I wasn't sure about it, but it's easily one of my favourite WiiWare titles now (and up there with DarkLord & LostWinds 2). Highly recommended!


Gameplay: Gameplay score: 8

Graphics: Graphics score: 8

Sound: Sound score: 9

Lifespan: Lifespan score: 9

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