Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles

Published by Teyon, Developed by Mechanic Arms

Genres: Puzzle (1 players)

US release date: Dec 19th, 2013 | EU release date: Dec 19th, 2013

Prices: $3.99 (US) | £3.99 (UK) | €4.43 (EUR)

Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles

Embark on a fruitful quest with Morris the monkey in this puzzling adventure! Discover the dense jungle trails with Morris the monkey and gather all the scattered hearts on Paradise Island for his beloved sweetheart Molly.

Swing, run and climb through the jungle canopy, by-passing and destroying dangerous critters from spiked urchins to poisonous snails that will try to get in your way! Locate hidden bananas in each level to unlock bonus levels and with every banana revealed you can save your play and watch it back with the built-in replay function, Playback! With over 300 levels to complete in 7 jungle-inspired worlds there will be no time for monkeying around in these blissful jungle puzzles!

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