Liberation Maiden

Published by Level 5, Developed by Level 5

Genres: Shooting (1 players)

US release date: Oct 25th, 2012 | EU release date: Oct 4th, 2012

Prices: $7.99 (US) | £7.19 (UK) | €7.99 (EUR)

Liberation Maiden

LIBERATION MAIDEN is a full-scale 3D sci-fi shooter created by critically acclaimed developer Goichi Suda, better known as SUDA51, from Grasshopper Manufacture, creators of fan-favorites Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and many more. Set 100 years in the future in New Japan, LIBERATION MAIDEN puts players in the role of Shoko Ozora, piloting a humanoid robot called Kamui. The game brings AAA production values to the downloadable market in an unprecedented collaboration of all-star creators in music, art, and design, including breathtaking animation by the acclaimed animation studio, bones.

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Very good

Every now and then a game comes along that redefines the medium in a carefully, exquisitely formatted package. Sometimes the right combination of story, gameplay, and overall spectacle magically transforms what could have been average into a masterpiece of design. full review

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Kimimaro said:

Suda51 can do no wrong in my eyes.

1 decade ago

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