Dillon's Rolling Western

Published by Nintendo, Developed by -

Genres: Adventure / Action / Strategy (1 players)

US release date: Feb 22nd, 2012 | EU release date: Feb 22nd, 2012

Prices: £9.00 (UK) | €10.00 (EUR)

Dillon's Rolling Western

Get ready for a Wild West blast and a new spin on the tower defense genre! Dillon's Rolling Western is Nintendo 3DS download software at its most action packed. With strategy, side quests and thrilling combat, this jaunt to the Ol' West is sure to roll out the fun. On the dusty plains of the frontier, a new threat is emerging from the ground itself! Fearsome rock monsters are popping up and attacking villages, all to stuff their faces with the townspeople's precious livestock! Thank goodness there's a rootin' tootin' stranger in town to set the world to rights it's ranger Dillon, an armadillo out for justice.

In the boots of cool cowboy Dillon you'll travel around protecting villages in need, which will see you mining for resources like a real frontier fella, reinforcing defenses and reducing boulder-based bad guys to rubble! To triumph you'll need a mind for strategy, combat skills and the moxy of an armadillo ranger (Which is a whole lot of moxy). Roll into the action If you can defend a village from the rocky threat for three whole days, then your good work is done and you can hit the road for the next town. But keep your wits about you - every destination has brand new monsters, each with their own unique challenges.

Any given day is divided into three main phases - daytime, evening and night and each phase offers different challenges. While the sizzling sun is up During the day all is quiet so you can explore the local area. Out in the world you'll find cool old ruins to explore, caves where you can mine precious crystals to shore up your defenses, and more! Each village has its own set of defenses, (observation posts, towers with cannons, etc) and you can spend cash to strategically improve these fortifications, but as the sun goes down you'd better prepare yourself... Stop those rocks in their tracks! When evening falls, the dreaded monsters emerge and head for the village! They can be slowed down by the fortifications, but you'll need to take matters into your own claws to stop every one of those varmints in their tracks. When you roll into an enemy, the world will shift and you'll enter a battle arena! Catch enemies in the path of your rolling rampage to deal damage, and if you can take out an opponent you'll get some goodies in the form of materials and more.

Combat is varied and you'll be unleashing big claw attacks, charging up moves, or grinding against gravelly goons for extra damage before you know it. If you can dole out a bunch of bashes in a row (without taking a hit, naturally) you'll be able to lay your claws on even better rewards. When the jig is up and you've defended the village for the day with gumption, your performance will earn a score and a nifty bounty sum. Of course, how bounteous it is will depend on how skilfully you dispatched the invaders... Rest up son, tomorrow's a big day... As darkest night sweeps over the land, you can order a tasty meal to heal you up, or practice combat moves out the back of the saloon.

There are also plenty of people around who'd like to enlist your help with their troubles, and if you can sort out their problems you can earn cash to put towards the village defenses! On the other hand, you could take that chunk o' change to the merchants and buy fetching new apparel, which will improve the power of your attacks... Of course, you don't have to spend all your cash at once Every strong, silent type needs a sidekick and a little hamster called Russ is Dillon's top bloke. Russ is a wise sort, who not only offers helpful advice, he'll also keep all the cash you earn safe as strategically reinforced houses, ready for when you need it.

On the road again once three days have passed and you've successfully fought off the stony invaders, it's time to hit the road for the next place in need - but you can re-defend the villages you've cleared again any time to improve your score. Who knows what secrets, tricks or clever tactics you'll discover Exercise your strategic skills and reactions as you step into the boots of an unusual hero in Dillon's Rolling Western available from Nintendo eShop, only for Nintendo 3DS.

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