My Western Horse 3D

Published by TREVA, Developed by -

Genres: Adventure / Simulation / Strategy (1 players)

US release date: Aug 15th, 2013 | EU release date: -

Prices: $29.99 (US)

My Western Horse 3D

Become the star of the ranch!

Jump into the saddle, get your chaps on and experience the thrills of a western riding adventure! Karla is dreaming of being a big star in western riding ? but before she can start a career she needs to convince her aunt Polly of her sense of responsibility and talent. She can achieve her goal by hard training in the riding hall and the loving care of her horse.

Soon she wins her grouchy aunts' trust and with this she gains access to the most popular disciplines of western riding. In Reining and Barrel Race she can finally show her talent. With every riding lesson she can improve her skills and participate in exciting tournaments...

  • Horse can be customized by the player.
  • Includes the popular disciplines Reining and Barrel Race.
  • 3 different tournaments and 3 different routes to hike out.
  • Extensive range of horse care products, riding gear...
  • Beauty contest for western horses.
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