SteamWorld Dig

Published by Image & Form, Developed by Image & Form

Genres: Platformer (1 players)

US release date: Aug 8th, 2013 | EU release date: Aug 7th, 2013

Prices: $8.99 (US) | £7.99 (UK) | €8.88 (EUR)

SteamWorld Dig

Don't worry, they're the good guys...

In upcoming Nintendo 3DS mining game SteamWorld Dig, steam-powered robots are the ones to root for.

It's the turn of the 19th century, and humankind has prematurely blown itself to bits. The remaining scraps are huddling in caves beneath the surface, and steam-powered robots have taken over the Wild West. A horror scenario? No, rather the setting for SteamWorld Dig, the new 3DS eShop game from Swedish developer Image & Form. And don't worry: the robots are the good guys. And you're one of them.

You play the protagonist, Rusty - a lone-wolf, steam-powered cowbot who has come to an old mining town in great need. While digging your way through the old earth for riches and helping the townfolks get back on their feet, you unwittingly wake an ancient evil that lurks below...

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Very good

SteamWorld Dig is a follow-up to Image & Form's SteamWorld: Tower Defense, which arrived on DSiWare back in the summer of 2010. Although it takes place in the same world as its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig controls like a platform game, the objective is mining, and the full review

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