Zombie Slayer Diox

Published by UFO, Developed by -

Genres: Action / Music (1 players)

US release date: - | EU release date: Jul 5th, 2012

Prices: £5.40 (UK) | €6.00 (EUR)

Zombie Slayer Diox

Zombie Slayer Diox is a rhythm action game with a side-scrolling twist! You are put into the jeans and leather boots of a samurai guitarist in the year 20XX. Zombies have taken over most major cities of the world and our hero, Diox, is on a quest to put an end to the undead.

Diox lures the zombies with his sweet songs and slick guitar solos, and then cuts them down with his mighty katana when they get close. There is a rumor deep within zombie territory that a super guitar amp exists, which can be used to kill thousands of zombies at once with the strum of a simple power chord...

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