THQ's Big Beach Sports

THQ's Big Beach Sports

Publishers THQ have announced another Wii exclusive game. This time it's a sports title called Big Beach Sports.

It lets up to four players compete in a range of sports at a large beach resort. These sports include:

  • American Football
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Disc Golf
  • Bocce (whatever that is)

Steve Dauterman of THQ commented:

"The innovative Wii Remote controller has revolutionized sports gaming, letting us involve the player like never before. Big Beach Sports applies the control scheme to each of the varied sports, letting players pick up and play the games they know and learn the ones they don't know".

Big Beach Sports is under development by HB Studios Multimedia and is expected for a summer release.

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User comments


w*ll said:

That sounds terrible, bocce is bowling for super old people I think.

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dave said:

If this had the DOA girls in it, it would be a massive win.


Wiipaw said:

Goomba's livin' the good life.


Gramps said:

What's it to you, you wippersnapper.


Scooby Jew said:

"Big Beach"? Is that the obese version of a nude beach? Ok, bad image in my head, I think I'm going to shut up now and go pray after a series of hardcore vomiting sessions.


BrothaZ said:

Bocce is an amazing sport if you get into it, not going to lie besides old people go bowling too.


lews001 said:

Bocce is where you throw out a little ball called the "plinko" and then you and opponents take turns attempting to get as close to the bocce ball as possible with 3 or 5 more larger "bocce" balls. Not all that popular here in the states.


Crimson Fang said:

Isn't bocce that old people game they play on the decks of cruise ships? That's going to be a GREAT part of this game! *shudders at own sarcasm*.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Yuck why couldn't it have been THQ that went out of business instead of Acclaim. The good games they made were Wrestlemania games for the N64.


SSBB King said:

Looks like another generic, low quality party game to me.


Aeth said:

Actually w*ll, I would compare bocce more with curling than bowling. Basically you have a big circle with a tiny ball (called a "jack") in the middle. The two teams then continue to throw their balls as close to the "jack" as possible, and the team who has the most balls closest to the "jack" gets a point. There is no set amount of points someone needs to win by, you decide at what amount of points you want to end the game basically.


wiimaster said:

Bocce is a bowling meets soccer crossover type game. At the moment this game may have potential if they make the characters DOA like. Itagaki really should make DOAX3 on Wii. It would fit the system so well.


Nintendoof said:

Cricket and soccer aren't beach sports.


^ ^ said:

Go Goomba.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

Bocce is awesome, I think it's also called lawn bowling. It's where you throw a white ball out in a field, then everyone has a color of ball and they throw their ball and whoever gets closest to the white ball, or connects with it, gets points.


peter said:

It's bouls.


Gamer Prodigy said:

What's DOA? And bocce sounds kind of like shuffleboard to me.


TruBlu said:

DOA is Dead or Alive. Imagine that for Wii? *Pukes*.


Wiipaw said:

I hope whatshisname from Tecmo makes DOA: Extreme Beach for the Wii. It would be hotter than Death Mountain's Crater.


Randy said:

Bocce is great and growing in popularity. Lots of young people play, in fact my friends and I just competed in the 14th annual citywide Bocce tournament in NYC. Fun.


Chevcorvet said:

Get with it people. Bocce is a very popular game here in the states. In the Seattle area we have many teams that play on a regular basis in tournaments in our area and also at a regional level. We play in Reno every October. Had a string of nine straight tournament wins over teams from Southern Cal., but gave up our title last October. It is not lawn bowling, as the balls in lawn bowling are not round, and are weighted on one side. The small ball is called the pallino, and each team has four balls each. Whether you're a lagger or a bowler, it is great fun for all, not just old guys.

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Michelle True said:

How can I put Big Beach Sports Wii games on a buy list to get it and I would like to get a Big Beach Sports 2 too please let me know how can I buy both of them on here

3 years ago

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