Big Beach Sports

Published by THQ, Developed by HB

Genres: Sports (4 players)

US release date: Jun 24th, 2008 | EU release date: Nov 13th, 2008

Big Beach Sports

Big Beach Sports will let gamers compete in a number of exciting outdoor sports including American football, volleyball, soccer, cricket, disc golf and bocce right on the beach.

"Big Beach Sports drops players into a seaside resort setting with a wide variety of compelling outdoor sports to play and master," said Randy Shoemaker, director, global brand management, THQ. "Sports including bocce, cricket and disc golf are making their Wii debuts and combined with the inclusion of more traditional games like soccer, American football and volleyball, Big Beach Sports will be an appealing title for the growing audience of Wii gamers."

"The innovative Wii Remote controller has revolutionized sports gaming, letting us involve the player like never before," said Steve Dauterman, senior vice president of product development, THQ. "Big Beach Sports applies the control scheme to each of the varied sports featured, letting players pick up and play the games they know and learn the ones they don't know."

Developed by HB Studios Multimedia, Big Beach Sports drops players into a seaside resort setting where up to four players can compete in sports including volleyball, soccer, American football, bocce, disc golf and cricket. The single player tournament structure encourages players to master each sport through the use of creative control combinations and real-life sport motions.

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User comments


i need a wiieww said:

Those characters are sort of a cross between miis and mysims.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Looks decent enough.


Master Foot said:

Is that cricket!?


Wiipaw said:

Y'know, typos can change the meaning of a game to something completely different.

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