Dead Rising on Wii

Dead Rising on Wii

Wow, Dead Rising has been revealed for the Wii. Apparently the sales figures of Resident Evil 4 Wii have been high enough to make Capcom look at what other zombie games they could bring over.

It's being ported from the original Xbox 360 version, the publishers say they're hoping to match the looks as much as they can.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it takes place in a shopping mall packed with zombies up the wazoo (like the movie Dawn of the Dead). The main character is a photographer called Frank West. Controlling Frank, you run amok in the mall for 3 days (6 hours of game time) using almost anything as a weapon, trying to survive, take pictures, rescue survivors and take out psychopath bosses.

Some waggle attacks using the Wiimote will be incorporated, similar to RE4. Worryingly, Capcom say they're taking the needs of "casual gamers" into consideration. No release date is known as yet.

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filipedyfolpedyflu said:

That's terrible, a port of the original? Are you kidding me? We've already seen screen shots of DR2 on the 360. Joke.


doglover said:

I won't get this since I already have it on Xbox360. If they are taking the needs of casual gamers into consideration maybe they'll put minigames in.


DeanPOWER said:

YES! I didn't think this would ever happen but dreams do come true. The 'casual gamers' thing does send a worrying chill down my spine though. I hope they don't tear the game to pieces.


wiifan said:

Might buy. Not sure yet. Need to see some videos first. Time to start looking around for videos. Conduit on the other hand. Now THERE is some love and dedication for the Wii. Capcom better not try to push this out when Conduit hits. It could get ugly.


i need a wiieww said:

Well, everybody loves dead rising, let's hope that's what they mean by 'taking the needs of casual gamers'. I may get this since my xbox chainsawed my disc to pieces.


Nintendoof said:

Woohoo! I love this game.


Monkeylemur said:

Hmmm if they ever release dead rising 2, I guess we'll get it too.


Juan L said:

But the sales weren't good enough for us to get street fighter iv?


Diddy Kong Lover said:

I bet Street Fighter IV will one day be ported. Capcom is one of the big, big developers that actually cares. The only other company that big is SEGA.


meatwad said:

Sweet now I don't have to get a 360, but I wish banjo 3 was on Wii too.


Son Ninja said:

Even if it was a direct port, as long as it features some exclusive extra such as an extra mode or a bonus side mission or something, I might give it a second play through. Otherwise it'll just be for the fun of it.


the conduit said:

Ubisoft is pretty big too diddy kong lover, and EA people need to stop complaining.

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