Equilibrio WiiWare game

Equilibrio WiiWare game

DK Games has revealed a new WiiWare project they've got going on. Titled Equilibrio, it's a ball-rolling puzzle game.

The general idea is that you must guide your ball to the end of each level, of which there are 64. The levels are packed with objects which either help you on your way (trampolines, cannons) or give you a bad time (spikes, acid pools).

Up to four players can take part in the action and the game is playable using the Wiimote or Balance Board. A trailer can be seen below:

The graphics are a bit too simplistic in my book, but could still be fun. Reminds me a little of that SNES game "On The Ball". In its favor, the price point is said to be 'low'. Some screens are up on the game's page.

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asparaWIIgus said:

Eh. Could be good.

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