Published by DK, Developed by DK

Genres: Puzzle

US release date: Apr 6th, 2009 | EU release date: Apr 10th, 2009

Price: 500 points


Set in a colorful world the challenge may look simple but Equilibrio tests not only your reflexes but the old gray matter and is in perfect synergy with Wii.

The basic concept of getting your ball to the exit pod to finish the level is turned upside down, literally, as you use your Wii Remote or Wii Balance Board to rotate the play area varying degrees in either direction. Players carefully, skillfully move the spinning ball through corridors, along ledges to complete levels that are fraught with dangers. Move the ball too fast and it can shatter, leaving you to pick up the pieces and restart the level. Go too slow and the 'equilibrio' of the ball will not be powerful enough to spring to the desired spot!

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