Gold Nunchuk back in the new year

Gold Nunchuk back in the new year

Made with solid plastic

Several times now, Club Nintendo has made a golden nunchuk (pictured) available to its North American members, but stocks have been too limited to meet the demand.

If you've failed to get one of these yet and are interested, the good news is that everyone will have another chance in 2013 according to this tweet by Nintendo:

"The Gold Nunchuk will return to #ClubNintendo after the New Year. Start saving your Coins!"

Words to live by, as the treasured golden nunchuk will cost you a hearty 900 coins.

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Gabe171 said:

This would go great with my gold Zelda wiimote. I don't have anywhere near that many coins, though.

7 years ago

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Game Boo said:

They are on ebay to buy @Gabe171, but crazy expensive mind you.

7 years ago

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