Hannah's boxing museum

Hannah's boxing museum

How about some boxy boxy box art? Here's Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour. I must admit I don't know who this is, but judging by the cover I'm not its target audience.


Next Showtime: Championship Boxing makes an appearance.

I didn't hear no bell.

Lastly there's Namco Museum Remix, a collection of ancient games remade anew.

Oldies, but goldies?

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DragonFoxCoon said:

Hmmm. Boxing.


Gonzo said:

Boxing would've been better if it was Fight Night.


Wii Rox said:

Maybe the boxing game will be a little more intuitive than the one on Wii Sports.


wiiplayer said:

Another great title wii's world, I like it.

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Nova said:

You obviously don't have a twelve-year sister then. I hate that thing.


Wiimaster said:

Hannah montana box art is the worst even over the RE: UC box art.


krap said:

Hannah is hot.


divinity boy said:

No not goldies at all!


Scooby Jew said:

Nothing really exciting.


wii rox said:

Hannah Montana's making more money than her dad ever did.


person said:

This game looks so cool. I'm a huge fan of Hannah Montana.

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