Namco Museum Remix

Published by Namco, Developed by Namco

Genres: Action (4 players)

US release date: Oct 23rd, 2007 | EU release date: Apr 18th, 2008

Namco Museum Remix

Namco Museum Remix breathes new life into all time classic games by taking their fun and famous gameplay and adding new twists which are easy to grasp, involve multiple players, and offer a level of fun only possible with the Nintendo Wii. The titles in the collection including:

Pac'n Roll Remix - Pac-Man takes a break from chomping and rolls his way to victory instead. Players navigate Pac-Man by rolling him through worlds where he will face deadly obstacles, roll-up classic pac pellets and use awesome power-ups.

Galaga Remix - With Galaga invaders arriving from the far reaches of space, players must try to shoot down the invading forces and save Pac-Man from ultimate destruction. Up to four-players are able to challenge the oncoming invaders, and scores are tallied for each player.

Pac-Motos - The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to knocking your opponents off a series of unique and colorful stages all while using the Wii Controller to move, dash and power-up your Pac-Man! Players engage in a small arena where the goal is to knock opponents off while grabbing power-ups and navigating through challenging environments.

Rally-X Remix - With up to 4 players capable of taking the screen at once, this classic Namco title is brought new life with slick graphics, power-ups and a new intuitive control scheme using the Wii Remote to steer.

Gator Panic Remix - Gators pose a serious problem and Pac-Man is here to solve it. Players use Pac-Man to whack at emerging gators that appear on screen. The player with the most gator whacks at the end of a match wins!

Also included in Namco Museum Remix are nine faithful classic Namco arcade games to experience again or for the first time: Galaxian, Dig Dug, Mappy, Xevious, Gaplus, Super Pac-Man, Pac & Pal, Pac-Mania and Cutie-Q.

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User comments


eric ♥ wii said:

Cool. It may be weird to play it with such great graphics.


Cγbεr Pίrαtε said:

Man, Pac n' Roll looks pretty worthy. But Pacman go-karts? I think that that is going a little far. Save that for the inevitable "Mario Kart Wii".


Nintendo iQue said:

Cyber Pirate, you may be sad to know that there already was a Pac-Man go kart game. Heck, Pac-Man and some of his crew were even in Mario Kart. Its the arcade version of Mario Kart called Mario Kart GS. Check it out. It's fun.


Crimson Hawk said:

This is so cool looking, has anyone played Taiko Drum Master. I love it!


Sexyback said:

Woot! Pacman is awesome, can't wait.


Captain Jamesman said:

The game was awesome.


mr pac-man said:

Pac-mania is the best game, where is Galaga 88.

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