Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour

Published by Disney, Developed by Avalanche

Genres: Rhythm / Party

US release date: Oct 16th, 2007 | EU release date: -

Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour


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User comments


Vanilla Spice said:

I love the show. I wonder what the games is going to be about?


StupidGenius said:

God damn this game looks so promising (lol).


Crimson Hawk said:

The show is funny, but does it really need to be made into a game?


wiilover said:

I love hannah montana, it's so awesome! Can't wait.


Starlight said:

I think this game is like the one disney channel has for hannah montana. Might be like all the games in one.


Coryd10 said:

Evading the the fans that's going to kill me, because Hannah is weird.


desdemona said:

Oh yeah. Now you're talking. First the music, then the show, and now the game.


hannah L♥ver 24/7 said:

This game is awesome, I play it almost 24/7 but it's a great game for people who watch it or for hannah lovers! Rock on. It's also good for hannah lovers that are boys.


cutie pututie said:

My mom got it for me for Christmas and my eyes have been glued to it since. I haven't been outside in weeks (just playin').


Kathryn said:

I am such a Hannah Montana fan and I can't wait to get the game, but I hope it's as cool as Hannah. But what would be awesome is meeting her in person. Yay. Go Hannah.


Shayla said:

I personally hate games similar to dance-dance revolution and if you do to then you're probably going to hate this game. The best part about the game is the shopping! You get to take Hannah Montana out on shopping sprees. I suggest that you don't waste your cash on the game and if you do then listen to me next time.

Avatar 0

sara said:

I love this game.


Guitar Legend said:

When's there going to be a Jonas Bros one? They have some rockin' songs, yo.

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