La-Mulana dominates WiiWare charts

La-Mulana dominates WiiWare charts

Whip cracking all the way to the top

La-Mulana is currently enjoying some well deserved success on top of the WiiWare charts in the US and all across Europe. Not bad going, for a game that almost never saw the light of day on WiiWare until publisher EnjoyUp saved the day.

"LA-MULANA Number 1 in USA!!!! AWESOMEEEE!!! YES!!! THANKS!!!" - @EnjoyUpGames

La-Mulana is possibly the last great game that will hit the WiiWare service, so if you haven't downloaded it yet read our La-Mulana review.

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PHiRE said:

Awesome to see that people are picking it up. I think I'll be struggling my way through this game for some time.

8 years ago

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