New Luigi's Mansion game?

New Luigi's Mansion game?

A long time ago there was a rumor to do with a Luigi's Mansion sequel coming to Wii. After a while it was deemed false, but now Nintendo has filed a new trademark with the USPTO for "Luigi's Mansion" - leading to more speculation.

This could potentially mean a sequel is in the works, but less exciting, and probably more likely, it will mean a "New Play Control" game. That being, the original Luigi's Mansion but updated to use the Wiimote.

Would you like to see a Luigi's Mansion 2?

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Brawler 200 said:

This is definitely going to be a remake.


hypersonic said:

Best news I had all day. It better be a sequel.


YoshLee said:

It's most likely a remake, however if it's not I'll be really excited. I never really got the hate towards Luigi's Mansion. Yea it had a bit of repetition and little replay value, but it was fairly well varied, funny, and original as well.


insultman911 said:

Probably a new play control. Use wiimote as flashlight and maybe shake the wiimote around while holding B to suck in ghosts and stuff and move around with the nunchuck and yeah. I thought the icon was supposed to be proof, but it's not. It was just made by someone.


Zumwan said:

I hope it's the sequel. I liked Luigi's Mansion I.

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Lay-Z Boy said:

Sequel or no sequel, I'm excited. I figured they would make a NPC of Luigi's Mansion (after all, it was a launch title and Player's Choice).


lolnokidding said:

That game is one of the best in graphics and one of my favorites.


Nintendoof said:

I wouldn't mind a second one.


Amazon Kevin said:

I wouldn't like a sequel. This is the game that made Luigi into a big wimp.


YoshLee said:

Amazon Kevin: So? That's what makes me like Luigi, his cowardice and underdog status makes him likable, funny, and a relatable character (for me at least).

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Arindam said:

I agree with YoshLee. Luigi's Mansion gave him character, (although there were traces of it in the N64 Paper Mario, if you take a look at his diary in the game). A sequel- how about Luigi's Palace, or even Luigi's Transylvania? Would be excellent.


GUILLE said:

I really think that this adventure has to be Luigi & Mario. Not Luigi alone.


jacob said:

Luigi rules, at least he's a more realistic game character than Mario. All Mario does is run around after princess, after a while the levels such as mg2 just repeat themselves, they may look different but the levels are still the same. At least on the cube they made Mario and Luigi do other stuff than jump on a koopa head and grab a star.


austin sutton said:

I hope they make a new luigis mansion.


super cool 64 said:

Nintendo is make luigi's mansion 2 for 3ds.

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hndndnd said:

Can they make a newer version of the original luigis mansion?!

8 years ago

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