Wii rumors

Capcom vs Namco

A rumor posted on GameInformer says that two new fighting games will debut at the upcoming Comic Con, involving Capcom and Namco. "Capcom vs Namco" is claimed to be a 2.5D beat 'em up in the style of Street Fighter IV. "Namco vs Capcom" on the other hand, developed by Namco, could be a 3D affair built using the Tekken 6 engine. Personally I've always wanted to see Mr Driller give someone a beatdown.

Capcom vs Namco

Devil May Cry 5 on Wii

Rumors originating from the shadier side of the interwebs are saying that Devil May Cry 5 will be released on the Wii in some fashion. Publishers Capcom remain tight lipped, but some kind of reveal is expected at E3.

Devil May Cry 5

LEGO Rock Band

Gaming website VG247 is reporting that LEGO Rock Band is under development by Traveller's Tales, to be published by Electronic Arts. This supposedly comes from a source inside TT itself, but should be treated purely as a rumor. Previously there have been whispers about a LEGO Harry Potter game, which would surely make more sense.

LEGO Rock Band

LEGO Rock Band game

Punch Out on Wii

NGamer is a magazine based in the UK focusing on the Nintendo consoles. The latest edition has news that boxing classic Punch-Out!! will be making a comeback on Wii. This new version will use the Wiimote and Nunchuk for punching, and is rumored to support the Balance Board for dodging and weaving.


Punch Out!! Wii game

New Mickey Mouse platform game

The latest issue of EGM magazine speculates that famed game designer Warren Spector is working on a platform game. It's said to feeature Mickey Mouse as its main character, and is being claimed as a 'Mario beater'. Of course the chances of it actually doing that are slim to none, but it still sounds good. Now if we can only get Mickey's Magical Quest on Virtual Console.

Epic Mickey concept art

Mickey Mouse platform game

Download new Brawl content

In a recent Famitsu interview with Sakurai (producer of Super Smash Bros Brawl), he revealed that new elements may become available for download through the WiiWare service. Speculation says these things could include new characters, stickers, or even stages.


SSBB downloads

Mega Man Scramble Battle on Wii

According to reports, a so-called retailer list directly from Capcom listed a new Action RPG game on Wii called "Mega Man Scramble Battle". Said to release sometime between Q3 2008 and Q1 2009, could this be Mega Man's first outing on Wii?


Mega Man Scramble Battle

Beyond Good & Evil 2

According to rumor pedaler "Surfer Girl", Ubisoft's Montpellier studio have started work on a sequel to the immense Beyond Good & Evil, despite disappointing sales figures. The rumor suggests that creator Michel Ancel was angered by the decision to make Rayman Raving Rabbids a mini-game fest instead of a traditional platformer, and threatened to leave Ubisoft unless the next project was Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Valve making Portal for Wii

Indian gaming site GameGuru reports that Valve Software is contemplating developing Portal for the Wii. Originally packed in with the Orange Box compilation, Portal is an innovative puzzle game using a first-person control scheme. Rumor suggests a number of extra levels would be included, since the first Portal only has around 2-3 hours of gameplay. Portal also rocks, so fingers crossed for this one.


Portal on Wii

Viva Pinata coming to Wii

A piece in the rumor section of EGM Magazine suggests Microsoft aren't happy with only a DS version of Viva Pinata, they want to put it out on Wii as well. Sounds far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.


Viva Pinata on Wii

Nintendo developing for Apple's iPhone

Rumors are flying across the Internet saying that Nintendo are working with Apple, licensing some games for use on the iPhone. They're said to cost $29 each through iTunes and make use of a touch screen D-pad.


Nintendo iPhone games

Project Hammer cancelled

There's a rumor going about that says Project H.A.M.M.E.R has in fact been axed. IGN says the team behind it has moved onto a different game that fits in better with Nintendo's mainstream audience. No official word from Big N on the matter at this time, but it's fair to say we haven't heard much about this game in quite a while...


Project Hammer cancelled

New Bonk title from Hudson

A rumor states that Hudson are working on a brand new Bonk title for the Wii. Bonk's Adventure on the Virtual Console has been a success so it could well be true.

Hudson's new Bonk

Wii 2.0 with DVD playback

There's a rumor doing the rounds that a second version of the Wii will include DVD playback for movies, said to release in the US later in the year. The source is apparently a Nintendo rep who gave the info away in a phone conversation. Sounds dubious to me!


Wii 2.0 dvd player

External Hard Disk for Wii

A game zine in Japan called GameLabo claims Wii might have another storage option available to it soon, namely an external hard disk. They say Nintendo held a meeting on the subject only a few days ago. Useful perhaps for downloadable demos?


Wii external hard disk

No online until 2008 for 3rd party

The president of SNK America, Ben Herman has stated Nintendo are still not letting 3rd parties in on Wii online development. He says it's unlikely they'll get the go-ahead until the beginning of 2008. A let down?


No online until 2008

Wii HD ready

According to reports, a Nintendo executive accidentally let slip that the Wii graphics processor (GPU) is actually capable of doing full HD. Although Nintendo aren't interested in pursuing HD at the moment, if this is true perhaps the Wii will see hi-def games in a few years when HD has a stronger user base.


Wii can do HD

Black and Red Wiis

An anonymous (aren't they always) Nintendo representative has apparently said colored Wii consoles will be available before 2007 is out. According to the rumor black and red are the only confirmed colors at this stage though.


Black and red Wii consoles

FireFox on Wii

A rumor is circulating that Satoru Iwata confirmed that a version of everyone's favorite browser FireFox is in development for Wii. This comes courtesy of a small blog and is highly suspect!


FireFox for Wii

Mortal Kombat Online

An Irish website (I'm dubious already ^_^) is claiming that Mortal Kombat: Armageddon will be the first 3rd party game to make full use of the Wii's online capabilities. Here's hoping.


Mortal Kombat online

Kingdom Hearts on Wii

Apparently Disney and Square Enix have agreed that the next Kingdom Hearts game should be available on Nintendo systems. As always this is a rumor, take it with a grain of salt!

Kingdom Hearts Wii

Wireless Nunchuk

An unconfirmed rumor exists that Nintendo are now working on a wireless nunchuk. This stems from some complaints that the wire restricts movement in games like Boxing (a part of Wii Sports).

But 3rd parties have made some.

Wireless Nunchuk

Wii Sports 2

Rumors from an official source in Japan suggest that a sequel to Wii Sports could be on the way. Said to include varied sports like tennis, hockey, volleyball, swimming and horse riding it's supposedly full of new and revised gameplay features. Most interestingly, the rumor also claims it will have online play so you can face off against other sports fans.

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports 2

Tingle RPG on Wii

Word is going around that Nintendo won't be working on a Zelda sequel for the Wii initially, but turning their attention to a spinoff RPG featuring Tingle. If true, this is likely due to the fact that Tingle's game on DS has been a major hit.

Tingle Wii

Wiimotes for legs!

A rumor has started that Nintendo are looking into ways of making wiimotes suitable for leg use. This would likely work by some kind of strapping mechanism. Image the possibilities. Football! Dancing! Err... long jump?


Leg Wiimotes

EA developing Wii Sims game

A rumor going around says that EA are developing a Sims game specific to the Wii console. Details don't go any further than that, but as a recent fan of The Sims series I hope this is true.

It's called MySims.

The Sims on Wii

Wii to use Linux operating system

A supposed internal-blogger has been claiming the Wii uses Linux as its operating system. Linux is free so this would make sense from a cost perspective. It's also known for stability and would allow for the multimedia features the Wii uses, but definitely take this with a grain of salt!

Linux on Wii

Nintendo has us punk'd?

A rumor is out that the Wii is graphically a lot more powerful than we've been led to believe. It's been said that Nintendo have been playing us for fools the whole time, showing us demos with substantially crippled graphics compared to the Wii's true capabilities. Why would they do this? To create a sense of wonder and surprise at the next press event which takes place on September 14th in New York. Watch this space!



Wii voice recognition

Behold! Yet another rumor. Word has it that the Wii will ship with special voice recognition software which will take your spoken words and turn them into text on-screen for other players to read. The microphone used will be attached to a wireless headset. Apparently Nintendo have been working on this technology for years, not only will it transfer the words but it will also recognise voice pitch and volume to choose fonts, colors and sizes accordingly. If true this will be a real step up from the DS' Brain Training which struggles to even recognise the word 'Three'. Or is it just me ^_^.


Goomba's voice recognition

Luigi's Mansion 2 on Wii

There's a rumor doing the rounds that Luigi's Mansion 2 is under development and is on its way to the Wii. For what it's worth, we here at Wii's World (all 1 of us) think the original was underrated and would welcome a sequel.


Goomba and ghosts

Square Enix MMORPG on Wii

A rumor is circulating that gaming giants Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series are making an MMORPG for the Wii. The game is said to be based on their "Mana" franchise, known as Seiken Densetsu inside Japan. Watch this space.


Goomba and Mana

Apple buying Nintendo?

CNet UK state that rumors are going around about Apple buying Nintendo. There are seemingly no facts backing this at all and it's likely just a waste of time, but the article points out the two companies have a similar approach to business and products that are stylistically similar. That is, the Wiimote and the iPod look like they are practically related. The last time Apple delved into gaming was with the monstrocity known as Pippin, which was a comical failure. Apple, stay away. Please?


Goomba and Apple

Wii has instant messaging?

A patent filed by Nintendo has aroused rumors that the Wii console could have some form of instant messenger as part of its online function. The patent describes a buddy list which displays the status of each player on it, for example what game they're currently playing.


Goomba and messages

Wii has a camera, PPU and headset?

A leaked issue of a gaming magazine supposedly has an article on Wii which reveals secrets not yet publicised by Nintendo. The article suggests the Wii will have a built-in camera. One use for this would be to include your picture on a character model's head in games like Wii Sports. Furthermore the Wii is more powerful than originally thought, with the graphics chip from ATI supporting HDR and bump mapping. It also says the Wii will sport a hardware physics processor (PPU) with its own 32MB of RAM. Other details are that the Wii will have a headset available to it similar to those used for XBox Live. Lastly Nintendo will release SD memory cards with storage ranging from 2Gb to 7Gb.


Goomba and batteries

Wiimote uses AA Batteries?

According to a spokesperson from Nintendo the wiimote will operate on two standard AA batteries of alkaline or lithium ion type. Unfortunately this would mean that recharging isn't a standard feature of the Wii controller. On top of this, the wiimote will apparently have a shorter battery life than a Wavebird controller because of the additional information it sends out. Bad news for wii fans everywhere.

Charger accessories are available though.
e.g. Blue Sphere Charging Dock

Goomba and batteries

Wiimote can't aim under Halogen lighting?

Word is out that the wiimote can't aim properly at certain angles when halogen lighting is used in the room. As halogen lights get more common in our homes it could put a dent in the Wii's popularity. If this rumor is true hopefully Nintendo can solve it before launch. The alternative of course is to play without the lights on. Night tennis anyone?

Goomba lighting

Wiimote is a VOIP Phone?

A rumor is circulating that the wiimote can be used as a VOIP phone. It's already known the wiimote will have its own speaker, if it has a microphone too the rumor could have some substance to it. The "WiiConnect 24" method of connecting to the Internet means that the Wii is always active to some extent, even when powered off. This means that calls could possibly be received anytime. Also the shape of the wiimote might lend itself well to phone use.


Goomba using VOIP

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