Monster Shooter coming to 3DS eShop

Monster Shooter coming to 3DS eShop

You shoot monsters

We're definitely seeing a trend of developers bringing their mobile phone games onto the 3DS eShop. That's set to continue, with Gamelion offering up Monster Shooter (not to be confused with Monster Hunter!).

Monster Shooter has been popular on smartphones, with over 5 million downloads to date. The game features Dum Dum, a creature on the lower rungs of the intelligence ladder, who sets off on an alien killing spree to save his pet cat. Here's a trailer:

Any takers?

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danfango said:

It looks alright. The general trend worries me, though. If developers don't put added effort into porting these phone games over, we will end up with mediocrity flooding the eshop.

1 decade ago

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PHiRE said:

@danfango Exactly right, lazy ports will be bad news. I hope Nintendo can exercise more quality control this time around, as WiiWare suffered a lot of shovelware.

1 decade ago

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