Namco Museum gets the Wii treatment

Namco Museum gets the Wii treatment

Namco Bandai have revealed that an updated compilation of their retro-games will be heading for the Wii, in Namco Museum Remix.

The interesting part is that these games will be making use of the Wiimote. They will also feature new graphics. Five of these remixed games are said to be included, they are:

  • Pac'n Roll
  • Galaga
  • Pac-Motos
  • Rally-X
  • Gator Panic

All five of these are built from the ground up. In addition the disc will sport nine extra classics, namely Dig Dug, Galaxian, Xevious, Mappy, Gaplus, Pac-Mania, Super Pac-Man, Cute Q and Pac & Pal.

Expect a Fall release for Namco Museum Remix.

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Scooby Jew said:

Pac this, Pac that. Let go Namco. That was an absolutely fantastic game FOR ITS TIME. Let's move on; I'm tired of hearing about Pac Man every hour of every day. I'm not exaggerating either, it really is about that often somebody starts talking about Pac Man within my hearing radius (times at which I sleep are not included; statistics may not be 100% accurate, but close enough. See store for details).


Elementrat said:

There go the VC releases.


TDS said:

Interesting! I picked up the Gamecube version of this last month, and the games are quite fun. I did not like the Remake of Dig-Dug, but the updated Galaga was great. Adding the Wii-centric controls should be fun.


Captain Jamesman said:

Pac 'n Roll? Weird. I never thought that game would come into Namco Museum. And for what SJ Said, Pac-Man is a legend! He's almost as legendary as Mario. You should know better.


really big ssbbfan said:



TruBlu said:

Pacman IS dead. He wasn't able to make the 'jump to the future' like Mario or Sonic. All he really was in his glory days was a yellow circle with a notch in it. Namco tried to update his design and update the gameplay, but it couldn't be done. If they try to fix him too much he wouldn't be Pacman. Let ol' Packy rest in peace please. Have you heard of Pacman World Rally? It ain't Pacman.


wiiman said:

Pacman is one of the world's most recognizable video game characters. He just as famous as Mario. Pacman is not dead!

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