News from today's Nintendo Direct video

News from today's Nintendo Direct video

Reggie spills the beans, smoothly

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime just presented a new Nintendo Direct video, this one is all about games coming to the 3DS - and some that are already available.

Much of the things the video discusses we already knew about, but there are some new nuggets of truth so it's worth a watch. You can see a basic summary of events below the video.

    Paper Mario Sticker Star
  • Real world items (check out the goat!).
  • Each sticker collected is an attack, once used it's gone.
    Prof. Layton and the Miracle Mask
  • The new villain is a mysterious masked gentleman.
  • Storyline goes into the past, detailing Layton's high school days.
  • New puzzle types, twists on existing puzzle types, 365 downloadable puzzles (one per day).
    Crosswords Plus
  • Over 1,000 professionally created puzzles.
  • More will keep coming at no additional cost via SpotPass download.
    Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone
  • Improve drawing using step-by-step lessons that explore art theory and the fundamentals of sketching and painting using real world techniques (e.g. paints, pastels and colored pencils).
  • Create your own lessons and art, then share with friends.
  • Available in stores and Nintendo eShop.
    Style Savvy: Trendsetters
  • Management, collection and puzzle elements to the game.
  • More traditional gamers could find it a guilty pleasure as there's a high demand on focus and strategy, between running a store, choosing inventory and keeping customers happy.
  • Two downloadable demos will be available.
  • Sequel to Pushmo.
  • New mechanics at work, like gravity and floating blocks, doors and move switches.
  • Puzzle creation and sharing mode lets you create your own challenges via QR code patterns.
  • Available November 22nd, only on eShop.
    Fluidity Spin Cycle
  • The 3DS itself is part of the gameplay, tilting and turning to move a puddle.
  • Puddle changes based on conditions, from a liquid to a block of ice, or steam cloud.
  • Solve puzzles and defeat monsters.
  • Levels take place from all timespans, from dinosaur era to the modern world.
  • Available December 27th.
  • Developed by Nicalis.
  • Underwater adventure in both friendly and unfriendly waters/earthquakes.
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • You're not just a citizen, but the mayor of the town.
  • Your decisions affect the development of your town, allowing you to mold it the way you want to.
  • Decide on landmarks, which shops should open and even decide the hours of the local merchants to match your lifestyle.
  • Customize your outfits from head to toe
  • pants, shoes and even socks. Convert your custom designs into QR codes to share with other players.
  • New house furnishings to choose from.
  • Game features an island where you can go swimming.
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Don Perez said:

Good times to be a 3ds owner. All looking like great games. Except style savvy, that isn't really my 'bag' (pun?).

7 years ago

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Aster said:

Looking sharp, Reggie.

7 years ago

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Game Boo said:

Whoahh I think old reggie is stoned.

7 years ago

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