Okami on Wii

Okami on Wii

There's word going around that Capcom are considering bringing their game Okami onto the Wii platform. Painting strokes on-screen is an integral part of the gameplay, something the Wiimote could clearly do well.

Clover Studios, the team behind the PS2 version is now closed, even so a port could still easily be on the cards. This is all something of a rumor at this stage, nothing definite. It should be on the rumors page, but Goomba is taking some time off.

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Chaos said:

I haven't got it, but this game looks awesome! If this was on Wii, one of the best-selling games for PlayStation 2 could give Wii a big boost. Not that it needed it!


itstimetoplaydawii said:

Man, that's another PS-> Wii conversion. Although this hasn't been confirmed yet, the Wii is showing excellent strength in the market taking over PS games.


Elementrat said:

I have been waiting for Okami to come to Wii since I heard about it. Actually when I first saw it I thought it WAS for Wii. It looked SO perfect. The art style is the perfect compliment to the Wii's graphical capabilities. Even though this rumor doesn't really say anything new, it means there is hope. Here's hoping Okami comes to Wii.


cmk said:



stinky12694 said:

I was thinking a couple days ago, "Okami would be great on Wii, with 'mote brushes".


Master Foot said:

Another game that should have been on Wii. Maybe Clover would have stayed open if Okami was on Wii, but who knows! The goomba is on vacation in Isle Delfino. If we see him smile then it might ruin his street cred.


dk said:

This is awesome. I hope the developers also make some other, similar games.


Seamninja said:

That is awesome. I heard this game was awesome for that horrible ps2 so it must be 3 times better. Can't wait to play!


Unknown said:

This game would be perfect on the Wii.


Crimson Hawk said:

They better bring this game for the Wii. I love Okami!


Wiipaw said:



interesting said:

Looks cool and it would work well for the whole paintbrush fight sequence.


Hey said:

Yeah, like stinky, I was just thinking 5 minutes ago that I would like to see Okami on Wii, since although it's on PS2, I'm really interested in playing it. It was quite a surprise to actually see my wish materialize into a rumor.


Gonzo said:

This game is going to be awesome!


BrothaZ said:

Cool. Wait a minute! Some of you talk like you own a ps2! How dare you!?

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