Virtual Console on Wii U

Virtual Console on Wii U

Devil's in the detail

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct video, President Iwata went through a lot of waffle on the Miiverse - but alongside that was the announcement of Virtual Console coming to Wii U.

This revelation may have been inevitable, but at least we now have some concrete details. Virtual Console games will reach the Wii U soon after an important system update in Spring. The first selections will be from the NES and SNES consoles, with Game Boy Advance titles coming later on.

Rather than being direct copies, some extra development is going into these games. This means you will be able to:

    Wii U Virtual Console features
  • Save your progress in games.
  • Play using only the GamePad screen if you want to.
  • Access a Miiverse community on each game.

Nintendo are also celebrating the Famicom's (also known as the NES) 30th anniversary by offering some games for just 30 cents. Each of these promotions will last 30 days.

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oman 316 said:

we need gamecube games, not just ninty titles.......3rd party stuff as well ! get to it guys !

6 years ago

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rasengan91 said:

i agree with oman, the only problem is wii u doesn't have much storage space and cube games are probably pretty big.

6 years ago

13 posts

EMurphy said:

Can you not expand the storage for the Wii U? SD cards/flash drives? I mean, the Wii U console has about half a dozen USB ports... there has to be a reason. Their online game downloads have been consistently improving in the past few months, beginning with the 3DS eshop and continuing on Wii U. I'm sure they'll get to expanding their available titles soon. Although I don't think it's as high a priority as say the SNES, since a lot of people still have Gamecubes.

6 years ago

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PHiRE said:

@EMurphy Yes the USB ports can be used to increase Wii U's storage. Nintendo seems to recommend an external hard drive as the way to go.

6 years ago

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