Wii Play game details

Wii Play game details

Further details of the small games in Wii Play (or Hajimete no Wii if you're of a Japanese disposition) have been announced. A wiimote will come with the game in Australia, Europe and Japan. The game lineup looks something like this:

Table Tennis: This is Ping Pong for 1 or 2 players, rallies are conducted using the wiimote. Miis are supported.

Laser Hockey: A hi-tech looking version of Air Hockey. It's a 2 player game where players move their wiimote up and down in an attempt to deflect the puck into their opponents goal. The ball can be aimed using a twisting motion. The developers say the physics used in this game for collisions are extremely sophisticated. Nintendo bigwig Shigeru Miyamoto even stated it was comparable to the Havok physics engine in realism.

Fishing: Players use the wiimote as a fishing rod to hook specific paper fish in the pond. With an upwards yank on the controller they can be hoisted out of the water. Yoink.

Find Mii: Crowds of Miis gather on screen and the player has to find the Wii that corresponds to clues given.

Pose Mii: Players use the wiimote to transform their Miis into certain poses and positions on screen depicted by transparent Miis.

Shooting: Basically Duck Hunt using the wiimote.

Pool: Players use the wiimote as they would a pool cue, pulling it back and following through to take shots. Viewpoints can be from above in 2D or behind the ball in 3D.

Charge!: The player steers a bull by holding the wiimote sideways, as is typical for racing games on the Wii.

Tanks: Take control of a tank with the wiimote. Aim the cannon and fire shells at enemy tanks.

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User comments


Chees502 said:

I hope it gets ported to the US.


tradingwii4sister said:

Cool more games more fun! Only 9 more days until the launch. I'm so excited!


Darunia106 said:

Why is this game coming out everywhere but the US?


wiifan said:

Seems very fun, I'll stick this game on my need to get list.


tabsina said:

I think this just means a wiimote will come with it in aus, europe and japan. And in usa it will still be there but with no extra remote.


no name said:

Come on I want this game! Too bad I live in the USA.


Ja-Mez said:

Hey don't complain US! You get the Wii a month before everyone else so you're lucky enough.


Epsilon said:

DUCK HUNT! Woo! This better get ported considering the Wii is region locked.


someguy said:

Will it come out for Canada?


WolfKolf said:

It will be in the USA, just not with a wiimote.


Elementrat said:

I was really looking forward to buying a second Wii controller and getting this free with it. I live in America so sadly, that won't happen.


random hero said:

Played some of them yesterday. VERY FUN I would recommend it for sure, I'm going to pick it up if I can asap.


wii fanboy said:

Actually I think the Nintendo titles won't be region locked, only the third party titles.


Sonic Fan said:

Alright! 5 days to go! Less than a week! And who knows what else!


Hoo? said:

The Wii is the best thing to happen since the DS. 4 MORE DAYS!


Smoke said:

Nice, I love Air Hockey. I also love having 2 controllers.


Fezzer said:

I read somewhere it was coming with a wii-mote.


Shipton said:

Comes with Wii-mote but no nunchuk.


Iza said:

I heard recently that the US version will include a wiimote also, but I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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Robert said:

Has anybody but me noticed that the game case looks different than the box containing the game and Wiimote? Wow, this is my shortest post yet.


Garth said:

The game IS out for the us and it DOES come with a wiimote. I've already seen it last sunday, April 1st. (No, I'm not fooling you) tee hee.

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