Wild West Guns on WiiWare

Wild West Guns on WiiWare

Gameloft has gone ahead and announced Wild West Guns in a press release earlier today. WWG is a light-gun style shooter, similar to those you might have played in the arcades.

The Wild West was a dangerous place, so you'll have no shortage of things to shoot. Bandits, mercenaries, gold diggers, vultures, big hats, they're all in there. Here's a trailer for you good folks.

    Wild West Guns features
  • Make combos or shoot scenery to boost your points.
  • Compatible with the Wii Zapper.
  • Series of levels (varying locations) and challenges.
  • Two player mode: Play cooperatively or against each other (offline).
  • Turn the train spastic by shooting its engine.

Wild West Guns currently has no release date, but it will sell for 1,000 gold doubloons / Wii Points. Some screens are already up.

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Nintendoof said:

Big hats.


the conduit said:

Fun stuff.


Master Foot said:

Yee haw, it's shootin time.

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