Wild West Guns

Published by Gameloft, Developed by Gameloft

Genres: Shooting / Action

US release date: Aug 4th, 2008 | EU release date: Aug 1st, 2008

Price: 1000 points

Wild West Guns

Draw your revolver to see if you're the fastest gun in the West. Adjust your speed and precision as targets or enemies appear in front of you. Point and shoot to earn more points. You can aim at anything, so be sure to explore the environment for elements that will earn you more shooting points.

Identify your enemies among the characters you encounter, but don't shoot at innocent citizens. Take part in an Old West-style train attack, or challenge your skills in a variety of increasingly difficult shooting challenges in other beautiful, classic and lively Western environments. As you progress through challenges, you'll earn medals and rewards, making for nonstop, addictive action.

Play in a two-player multiplayer mode where you and your partner can combine points, or play against each other to find out who's the fastest gun in the West.

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User comments


cookie said:

I just got it. The game is simply good old fashion fun. Shoot shoot shoot.



Average but good I guess! I want to see something really well done with Wiiware as I know it's got more potential than the crap they have been releasing on it. For example Gradius Rebirth! Or something that really blows peoples' socks off.

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JACK said:

Ehh, I already have Carnival Games, with Super Wild West Shootout unlocked, so I don't really want this.

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