And Yet It Moves

Published by Broken Rules, Developed by Broken Rules

Genres: Puzzle / Platformer

US release date: Aug 23rd, 2010 | EU release date: Aug 27th, 2010

Price: 1000 points

And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves is a puzzle-platformer set in a unique world made of ripped paper.

Within the paper-collage you can jump, run and, last but certainly not least, rotate the world. This has clear implications on the game environment: walls become floors, tunnels may suddenly be used as downward slides and a stone resting on the ground may fall, becoming either a dangerous obstacle or useful object for catapulting.

To successfully progress through a level, you must apply the physical consequences of rotating the world to the avatar and to other moving objects, like stones, drops of water and branches, as well as to living things, such as bats, monkeys and much more.

And Yet It Moves is notable for its polished, focused gameplay and unique artistic style. Each object, plant or animal that the player encounters is ripped out of a photo or movie image and brought to life using current realtime rendering techniques. Every level was designed through a meticulous handmade process, including various back- and foreground layers, making it more interesting to play through.

  • Take on 17 levels where you jump, run, and rotate the world in 90 degree intervals to progress.
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles set in an extraordinary paper collage world, with three different environments, enriched and brought to lifewith handmade sounds and music.
  • Go for the high score by challenging your friends and polish your skills of rotation.
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Very good

And Yet It Moves is another example of a PC game turned console release, like Cave Story and Super Meat Boy. The makers of AYIM hope to recoup some of their development costs by releasing the game on the WiiWare platform. Will players want it though? And Yet It Moves can full review

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