Water Warfare

Published by Hudson, Developed by Hudson

Genres: FPS / Shooting / Action

US release date: Jun 29th, 2009 | EU release date: Jun 26th, 2009

Price: 800 points

Water Warfare

Water Warfare is a comical first-person shooter that uses water guns to battle and soak opponents.

A map with a particular theme - Playground, Beach, Plaza or Nature Park - is generated automatically when the game begins, so you can think up new strategies each time you engage. Game modes include Single Player Missions, CPU Match and 2-Player Split Screen. On top of that, players with broadband Internet access can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to battle with up to eight players from around the world, or participate in Ranking Mode.

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Penguin said:

It's a very fun game, I love it.

8 posts

PAL96 said:

I love glitching on this game.

1 decade ago

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