Escape From Zombie City

Published by Tom Create, Developed by -

Genres: Action / Shooting

US release date: Oct 10th, 2013 | EU release date: -

Prices: $3.99 (US)

Escape From Zombie City

Escape the city before a bombing raid starts by blasting through hordes of zombies that have overrun the streets. The military sent in forces to suppress the zombie infested city, but they were wiped out. The government had no choice but to issue a large-scale bomb raid over the surrounding area. The time limit is morning.

You are a soldier that has been left behind.

Can you make it out alive?! Use any weapon you can get your hands on to keep the zombies off your back as you race to get out of the city before the bombing raid hits. The clock is ticking from the start and each stage you pass takes you closer to dawn and the bombing raid. Fight your way through the city suburbs and underground parking areas heaving with the undead, rescuing any remaining civilians you find on the way. Use shotguns, magnums, grenades and flamethrowers in your fight to stay alive against a whole city of zombies.

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Escape From Zombie City is a throwback to the glory days of arcade gaming. The time when most games were focused on how they could get more quarters from the players instead of allowing them to get to the ending. Escape From Zombie City feels like Ikari Warriors with an SNK full review

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