The Keep

Published by Cinemax, Developed by Cinemax

Genres: RPG (1 players)

US release date: Sep 11th, 2014 | EU release date: Sep 18th, 2014

Prices: $12.99 (US) | £8.99 (UK) | €9.99 (EUR)

The Keep

The idea behind The Keep is very simple, to bring the essence and dark atmosphere of RPGs from the past to a new platform with touch screen based controls for newcomers and fans of the genre alike.

In The Keep you will embark on a quest to explore caves and mines filled with monsters to slain and puzzles to solve underneath and surrounding tower of evil sorcerer. It won't be easy, you will die. A lot!

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To some people, dungeon crawlers today aren't as good as the classics from the days of home computers and floppy disks. Games like Shadowgate, Wizardry, Dungeon Master, all pioneers at the time, and many people hold fond memories of them. The Keep is a new title from full review

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