Fans revolt over Mega Man on iOS

Fans revolt over Mega Man on iOS

Social game gets goats

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Mega Man. Capcom's iconic blue bomber is known for bringing the pain in a long series of action platformer games on the NES and beyond. This time though, it seems like Capcom are taking a new, gentler direction, in Mega Man Xover for Apple's iOS devices.

Xover features a new main character, and is a game so easy that it can be played with one finger. In case that's not simple enough, an "auto-play" option is given and sections can be skipped entirely.

This might seem like an elaborate joke on Capcom's part, but it's actually the real deal (see here for gameplay footage, it has nearly 3,000 dislikes). As a form of rebuttal, dedicated MM fans have made a Flash mockery of Xover, which they say took less than 24 hours to get up and running.

In case you're still interested, though, here's the official trailer:

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18 posts

Kimimaro said:

Christ Capcom, not cool.

8 years ago

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WUMPER said:

It's like they thought "ok mega man fans must be around retirement age by now, give them something simple".

8 years ago

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danfango said:

I don't really understand who Capcom is trying to attract with this. It's like a young childrens game, but people of that age won't know who Mega Man is?

8 years ago

10 posts

roidrage said:

apple has millions of users and capcom is a business, no point having a nerdgasm over it.

8 years ago

31 posts

Gabe171 said:

Ok so a lot of people have iTunes now, but it reeks of bad timing. Capcom had to know the hardcore fans would get pissed off having something like this to celebrate 25 years.

8 years ago

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judokan18 said:

maybe play the game before you slate it? there are other sides to it, like rpg elements and junk.

8 years ago

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