Free retail game for 3DS XL owners

Free retail game for 3DS XL owners

In Europe that is

Nintendo sure are getting generous with the freebies lately, and this is likely to be the biggest of all.

European gamers who register their 3DS XL handheld with Club Nintendo before January 15th, 2013 will get a free game to download.

These games aren't duds either, check out the selection:

European 3DS XL owners should definitely head over to Nintendo Europe to make the most of this offer. Once you've chosen your game, a download code will be emailed to you within a few days.

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Aster said:

Ok that's taking it too far, we need this in the US now.

6 years ago

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danfango said:

That's amazing. Guess who just upgraded to a 3DS XL a few days ago!

6 years ago

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