NFS ProStreet info

NFS ProStreet info

In a recent interview John Doyle, Producer of EA's latest in the NFS franchise Need for Speed: ProStreet talked about some details. In summary:

  • Aiming for a realistic street racing style game.
  • No cops, more focus on damage control.
  • No more night time races, all during daylight hours.
  • Several racing modes, like circuit and drift. Drag is also back.
  • Better use of the Wiimote, much tighter than in Carbon.
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Scooby Jew said:

Alright, drag racing returns! I hope they make it as badass as they did in NFS: Underground. That's what made me fall in love with drag racing in the first place. I also like how there's not going to be cops, they were just annoying as HELL. It didn't improve the gaming experience/quality at all, it just tied into the game title "Most Wanted", and they still kept them in Carbon. Anyhow, I hope this is going to put Carbon to shame (that won't be hard) and perhaps take some of the sting off the mental wound Carbon left on NFS fans.


Zendalf said:

Good. The control sucked in carbon. They should still have the option of just using the control stick.


Lickwid said:

Thank God, I was sick of racing in the dark. It better not be "the same" as all the others. I returned Carbon after about 30 mins of playing it.


Ekaj185 said:

Apparently this is all on closed tracks like forza.

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Nova said:

Darn it, one of my favorite aspects of street racing was the running away from and destroying of police cars.


wiiwii said:

It would be cool if this was an online Wii game.


Video Game Nerd said:

This sounds shit, the last two were much better. They're just trying to be a GT or Forza.


yoyo said:

Will you be able to play over the internet on it?


murcielago said:

This game rocks and is probably going to be one of the best games ever.


schmidtty said:

Can't wait to try it. Can someone tell me if online play for Wii is there? If so, sweet.


jd 2007 9/12/07 said:

I have always loved need for speed games but lately they haven't been as good as underground2. What happened to changing car lights or neon lights?


Brandon said:

They need to bring back all the customization from the stereos to the neon lights, the auto sculpting from carbon and be able to design your own graphics. Also yes it's fun winning all that money and starting out you could work for it all and have the car with like real life situations. Yes it's sweet all the stuff you can do on a game but why not base on real life and have online car shows pick and vote for ride of the week making you want to play longer to beat him/her. Sorry typing on Wii! That's my opinion.


DIlly said:

Yes there is online mode on the Wii. I also hope that we are able to also use the control stick function with the nunchuck.


kc hatchetman said:

I need to know how it will be played on the Wii. Using the steering wheel or what?


kachy said:

How will it play on the Wii?


nfs racer8 said:

Wow. I'm mad that there will be no cops or the illegal racing, that's what made need for speed so popular. Also I hope the controls are for real racing.


joebo said:

Can't wait, hope it lets you use the control stick. I stink with the wiimote.


Sleek HSV said:

Just ordered it, can't wait. Hope you can use the steering wheel.


jdizzle said:

You really should use the wiimote. That's practically what it's there for. If you use the control stick it'll just be like all the other consoles. It gets boring just flicking the control stick about! Can't wait until Christmas, I'll be playing this and guitar hero 3 all the way until 2010.


crazy 13 said:

I want to play this so bad, but it sucks that there's no cops and I sure hope there is free roam because that's one of the best parts. Also I think they should've made it switch from day to night as you please because you should always have a choice.


p@ said:

Can you use the classic controller for this game? Also can you use the control stick instead of remote?


SAiNt said:

I want to know if you can use GC controllers.


jonh said:

Does anyone know how to do a wheelie on need for speed pro street?

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